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Date added: August 23, 2013
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I have to cook dinner today. What should I do now? He wants to meet you. Don't waste your money. I called Tom up. Are there any concerts? A look of contentment appeared on his face. Sujatha has school tomorrow. This is surprising. If you would move over, there would be room for everyone.
Ilife 11: - I'm not American.
- Help yourself to these cookies.
- She held on to my hand tightly.
- I'm absolutely positive...
- You just wait there. I will come and pick you up.
- It's a database for small businesses.
- I had my pocket picked on the train.
- Did you call him up yesterday?
- He's mumbling something.
- Shall I ask them to wait?
The snake swallowed a frog. No, I still have to do that. I think I'll go to the mall this weekend. I have absolute trust in him. It's time to get up. I can't tell you what we ended up doing. You can eat lunch here in this room. By the way, did you hear that Mary quit her job? This wall feels cold. He was worn out when he got home. Where is Main Street?

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