Name: Halo Anniversary
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Date added: February 4, 2013
Price: Free
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The boy has an apple in his pocket. Do you spend more time at home or at work? She blamed him for all her problems. I have to be back home by seven. He said he would write to me, but he hasn't. Usually the last Saturday of the month at 9:30 in the evening. Is that too late for you? My opinion differs from yours. That is her house. He's always at home on Sundays. Tell me a true story.
Halo Anniversary: - He is very eager to go there.
- He has this large room to himself.
- Please shut the door.
- We lost our electricity because of the storm.
- We're not lost.
- There is an urgent need for money.
- How much is this camera?
- Tom asked for more coffee.
- Why are you laughing?
- She loves Tom, not me.
A long time ago. I'll call you a taxi. It's on me. We have two boys and one girl. I'd say she's 26. Please keep in touch. She's older than Tom. I'll take that one also. She used to be a very shy girl. It was so nice of you to have brought your family.

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